Our Salon

Our Story

Beaches N’Dreams was established in 2007. For over 11 years, we have been providing our clients with the highest level of tanning at competitive prices.

Our Equipment

We only invest in tanning beds with proven tanning power. For each sun bed, we carefully select lamps designed to deliver deep, dark tans for best results.

Our Staff

Our employees receive the best industry training so they can help you choose the combination of lotions and equipment that will be most effective for your individual skin type and tanning goals.

Our Products

We are a Premier Salon that exclusively carries New Sunshine tanning lotion brands: Australian Gold®, Swedish Beauty®, California Tan® and Designer Skin®. We have the best high-quality skin care products on the market to help you get the rich, golden glow you’ve always wanted.

Smart Tan Certified

We are a proud member of the International Smart Tan Network. As a member of this organization we adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the most responsible indoor tanning experience possible. Adherence to proper cleaning and sanitation protocol is maintained, and Health Canada regulations are emphasized.

Smart Tan Certification means our staff members are knowledgeable, trained, and certified in several areas of tanning including:

  • How to responsibly “Smart Tan”
  • How your skin tans
  • How to create a safe, customized tanning program
  • Proper skin care procedures & techniques
  • Sunburn prevention & exposure schedules (indoors/outdoors)
  • Vitamin D & its benefits
  • Safety measures & approved eye wear
  • How to properly clean the facility & equipment
  • Sunless tanning & maintenance care
  • Customer service & more!